How Do I Contact Jasper Trips?
You can contact www.jaspertrips.in via contact us page.
For customer service and information about your booking, email us at: proposal.jasper@gmail.com

How Private Is My Information?
Our Privacy Policy ensures your right to privacy. Your confidential information will only be used for purposes of booking finalisation with our travel partners.

What are the Payments & cancellations Policy?
Go through our Terms & Conditions Page at the Footer.


Do I Receive Car And Accommodation Vouchers?
For automated bookings you do not receive any documentation. Upon check-in at the hotel, all you need to do is produce your Original ID Card as KYC.
For assisted bookings you will prepay and as such be provided with documentation. Car Details are mailed to you as per the destination. Mostly we send the Cab details prior to 24 hours of departure.


Will paying by Cheque/Demand Draft slow down my order?
While we accept local cheques , however Online Fund Transfer/Wire Transfer is the preferred mode of acceptance. In case of local cheques/Cashier Cheques - your travel documents will be subject to clearance of these instruments. The clearing may take a transaction time of 4-7 days based on issuing bank location.

How Do I Change Or Cancel A Booking?
To change or cancel a booking you can email us at tripsjasper@gmail.com. No any other form of cancellation will be entertained. Airline charges or cancellation fees may apply as per the airlines policy. Some reservations on restrictive fares cannot be changed. Penalties on Hotel/ Holiday Packages may vary based on tour type/ sesonality.


How do I book Flights?
Mail your requirement at: jaspertickets@gmail.com & you will be contact by our Air Ticketing Executive

How Do I Receive My Airline Tickets? Please ensure that you use correct email id when booking with us so that we can mail you the tickets.

What if I miss my Flight? Do I receive any refund?
It will be solely your responsibility and Jasper Trips must not be held responsible. As soon as we mail you the tickets, it becomes your responsibility to co-ordinate with the airlines for any re-scheduling or any other queries.
Refunds will be made as per the airlines policy and it might take 20-25 working days.

What Do I Do If I Lose My Ticket?
If you have lost your ticket prior to the day of travel please e-mail us at: jaspertickets@gmail.com & tripsjasper@gmail.com & Call us at: 9643303526, 9643303527.
We will forward to you a Ticket Indemnity form for completion. This will facilitate the reissue of your ticket. Note the airlines usually charge a re issuance fee. If you lose your ticket on the day of departure, please contact the concerned airline local city office that will coordinate the above procedure.


How do I find out about the visa requirements for the trip I am interested in?
While we do include information in our Trip Notes about visa requirements, we always recommend that passengers check with their local embassy as visa rules can change without warning. Embassy websites in your home country will always have information about requirements, visa costs and will provide the required forms. If you are uncomfortable with the visa process, you can visit a travel agent who can arrange these for you at a cost.

How do I organise my Visa?
Please contact the relevant local embassy, or visit a travel agent, to organise your visa/s.

Do you help with Visas?
Jasper Trips can’t assist in the actual application of visas, but you can do this through the embassy or with the support of a travel agent.


proposal.jasper@gmail.com or tripsjasper@gmail.com

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